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Accounting software for construction has unique features like the ability to create change orders, track job costs, and accept specialized billing methods like AIA and time and material billing. Ease of use is an important factor, particularly if the owner or other nonaccountant will be keeping the books. We allocate extra credits to cloud-based construction accounting software, as we believe they are generally easier to use than locally installed programs. Buildertrend offers unlimited document and photo and video storage in all plans.

  1. Another key feature of Sage Accounting is bank reconciliation, which lets you import receipts, automatically match transactions, and improve accuracy.
  2. The software makes invoice routing easy and conveniently reconciles things with the GL when paid.
  3. Jonas Premier is a Canada-based construction software, so the financial solutions might suit the Canadian market more.
  4. It’s important to note that, while Procore does offer financial management tools and reporting, it’s more of a project management solution than a true accounting software.

From what we’ve seen during our research, the prices for basic/standard plans range from a couple of dollars ($5 — $10) per month up to $25/month. Which accounting software will be the best for your business largely depends on your business needs. While most of the apps we covered in this guide cover the basics, such as invoicing, tax filing, and expense tracking, some apps offer advanced functionalities that your company will surely benefit from. QuickBooks is a simple, easy-to-use online accounting software that lets you track all expenses, create custom invoices, and manage your cash flow with greater accuracy and confidence. The Advanced plan adds the ability to create accurate estimates and provide full financial transparency.

We know how important a construction accounting software program can be to a contractor, so we took the task of putting this list together very seriously. We referenced experience in construction and management software to identify some of the most important features to look for in the best construction management software. Depending on your needs, QuickBooks can work as a construction accounting software. It offers an option to create a schedule of values for progress billing, but it can be clunky compared to purpose-built construction accounting software. Getting a quick response through their customer support line can also be challenging, which should be considered for busy construction businesses. As one of the most popular types of accounting software for a construction company, many in the industry use QuickBooks for their needs.

Vista by Viewpoint is a fully integrated construction ERP software with a strong accounting tool. The main accounting features include construction-specific payroll such as union and certified reports, a general ledger, and accounts payable and accounts receivable. The cloud-based is highly scalable, as it lets you purchase the project accounting applications on its own, then add features such as project management and estimating as needed. Construction accounting software packages provide financial accounting designed specifically with contractors in mind. Features typically include project accounting, job costing, and specialized progress billing.

“We love the ability to work WITH our subs on our project management software instead of it being an in-house only product. There are a LOT of working points and a lot of tiny steps that are required to make certain workflows function properly. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze, but getting there can be tough.” – Emily W. Send subcontractors a request right in QuickBooks to add their W-9 and tax ID info. Our accounting software also helps map contractor payments to the correct boxes on 1099 forms.

How does accounting software improve productivity?

Note that we do not mention software as a service (SaaS) as a trend in this market. While we are proponents of the SaaS model, we have not seen credible SaaS accounting software for construction business applications yet. We believe that the SaaS model will eventually make its way into construction accounting, but for now that is not the case. While Intuit products are often top-of-mind when it comes to financial software, Sage is one of the few providers with a catalog of digital accounting tools that can rival that industry giant.

It’s a well-known tool that does the job well, provided you have the budget to pay for their service. A majority of the buyers we speak to are small contractors evaluating construction-specific systems for the first time. They are currently using Quickbooks, Peachtree or another entry-level package. However, they are growing and need more sophisticated job costing and payroll management functionality. The most important thing for these buyers is that they find an affordable construction accounting software package price.

And its fairly broad audience means it doesn’t focus as specifically on contractors and construction companies. Construction accounting software can save you time and help keep you organized when managing your building projects. By integrating preconstruction parameters, such as bidding and cost building, contractors can quickly move a project from the prework phase into the project management and building phases.

Best Construction Accounting Software and Tools in 2023

For an additional fee, JOBPOWER can host your software in the cloud, allowing you to access your files from anywhere. According to JOBPOWER, when you choose the desktop version, you’ll receive unlimited and toll-free telephone support for one year. The cloud version includes support, unlimited updates, and cloud hosting fees. When we looked at accounting software, it was important to factor in whether you could implement it with other software that specializes in construction.

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Unfortunately, there have been reported issues with lag, and the software being slow at times, but this shouldn’t affect it too much. Jonas Enterprise is an option for any large businesses that have expanded or are looking to expand. Then to help your decision, we’ll go into further detail in our buying guide so you can consider the best options for your business. Most companies pay for licenses on a month-to-month basis or pay for an annual license to save money. Attach plans, contracts, or photos, and get instant notifications when an invoice is viewed or paid.

Offering everything that Sage 100 and Sage 300 do plus cloud hosting, AI-powered accounting and analytics and a whole lot more, it’s no wonder why it’s the only AICPA-recommended solution in the space. To help you better identify what kind of accounting software will help you simplify your financial efforts and streamline your business processes, we’ve prepared cash for invoices the pros andcons of construction factoring a handy comparison list. Take a look at how each of these providers stacks up, and see how they match the needs of your crew. Construction accounting is more complex than general accounting when it comes to sales, cost of goods sold, expenses, and breakeven. These industry-specific software can provide the tools you need to automate the process.

It doesn’t have a free trial, but you can “test drive” the full version of the software by visiting its website.

Accounting in the construction industry slightly differs from other industries due to the fact that it largely focuses on individual projects rather than on the business as a whole. The price varies from one provider to the next, but it usually depends on the functionality you want to use. Most accounting software providers offer three or more different plans, with prices scaling up as you get access to advanced features.

It often feels so much easier to drop a bag full of receipts on a CPA’s desk at the end of a job and pay them to sort it out. But software has come a long way, and the right accounting tool can turn the job from painful to painless. Depending on the size of your business or the types of projects being handled, you may look towards more advanced solutions. The right system will help you automate and make the invoicing much faster.

This way, you’ll never have to worry about your employees idling on the construction site while you’re reordering materials. Sage 300 is as comprehensive as it gets with prebuild reports; there are more than 1,400 to choose from. This means you can get any detailed report that you can think of with just a couple of clicks, helping you manage all the project costs. Set the parameters and qualifications based on insurance requirements, location and experience. The platform manages the request through the documentation provided by vendors.


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